The Main Street Opportunity Lab
is non-profit organization working to build a more fair and vibrant economy in the Midwest and South. Our mission is to support collaborative and cooperative approaches and projects that foster economic opportunity, ecological sustainability and social equity. We accomplish this mission by providing grassroots information and eduction, technical assistance, training and communications support on issues related to agriculture, infrastructure, energy and entrepreneurship. We work in rural and urban communities that are generally left out of important discussions about the convergence of economic development, farm and food justice, public policy and the conservation of natural resources in a working landscape.

Main Street Opportunity Lab Co-Sponsors Farm Bill Forum

On Tuesday, May 3rd, come to the Launer Auditorium at Columbia College in Downtown Columbia to participate in a pubic discussion about the upcoming federal farm bill. The farm bill is important legislation that determines public policy priorities for the nation's farm and food system.

The May 3rd Farm Bill Forum is part of a state-wide farm bill tour being organized by the Missouri Coalition for the Environment and the following organizations: Izaak Walton League, Social Concerns Office Office-Diocese of Jefferson City, Missouri Association for Social Welfare, Missouri Coalition for the Environment, Missouri Rural Crisis Center, Slow Food KatyTrail, Sustain Mizzou, Main Street Opportunity Lab, Mid-Missouri Peaceworks, Missouri Association for Social Welfare.

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Agrivoices is a special series of short videos that features unique and unconventional voices regarding the future of Main Street’s economy and culture as it relates to farm and food issues.

Invest In Main Street

The innovation and ingenuity of Middle Americans is stronger than ever. We see it in the farmer’s market vendor, the local dairy and milk marketing company, the small windmill installer and the chef opening a restaurant that features local products. If you talk to anyone of these people they tell you a similar story of an idea, a lot of hard work and significant personal investment.

Main Street
Services Hub

Main Street Services Hub is dedicated to providing comprehensive training, technical assistance and resources in a variety of formats. We work to provide organizations, small business owners and farmers the tools they need to succeed on Main Street

Main Street
Policy Hub

The Main Street Policy Hub is an advocate, information source and grassroots organizing tool on policy issues related to agriculture, infrastructure, energy and entrepreneurship in the Midwest and South.